Solar park construction

TMV Service has made technical studies for solar park construction during the past year. We have made preliminary budget offers and studied licensing and financing details. We provide our customers with solar park construction as a turnkey service, as well as necessary expert services. Our strength is our broad expertise in planning, building and commissioning power line and wind farm projects.


planningproject management and monitoringdeliveries
ecm or epc
  • Feasibility studies
  • Layout
  • Electrical engineering
  • Partial disposition plan
  • Measurements
  • Production calculations
  • Cost calculation
  • Technical studies
  • Technical specifications
  • Tender documents
  • Tendering (equipment and work)
  • Site supervision
  • HSEQ supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Steel structures
  • Civil works
  • Foundations
  • Grid connection