Distribution network services

Our distribution network services include feasibility studies, construction and maintenance of 0.4–40.5 kV electricity grids. We provide distribution network services together with our partners, and we are expanding our team as demand for these services is constantly growing. In 2014, TMV Service licensed and supervised the construction of a 33 kV cable network about 50 km in length. Additionally, we have prepared feasibility studies and tender documents for 100+ km cable networks for different projects. These projects have been demanding, as they have involved going under roads, railways and rivers.

Consulting / EPCM

Delivery ECM / EPC

  • Feasibility studies
  • Route engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Project management       
  • 0.4–20 kV lines
  • 0.4–40.5 kV cabling
  • 20–40.5 kV substations
  • 0.4–20 kV electrical works
  • Street lighting