Substation services

Our substation services include feasibility studies, construction and maintenance of 110–440 kV electricity grids. TMV Service has designed various lay-out solutions for 110 kV networks. In addition, we have prepared tender documentations for a number of different type of substations for our customers. Among other things, we have also supervised 110/33 kV substation deliveries on our customers’ behalf. The projects have included, for example, 110 kV cabling constructions and connections.

Our team has extensive experience with substation devices and protection relays, as well as automation and communications devices. We have expanded our substation services and our team in 2015.


Consulting / EPCM

Delivery ECM / EPC
  • Feasibility studies
  • Civil and steel structure engineering
  • Primary and secondary engineering
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Project management
  • 110 kV GIS sähköasemat
  • 110–400 kV substations 
  • 110/20 kV substations
  • 110 kV GIS substations
  • 110 kV cabling