Electricity grid services

TM Voima’s electricity grid services include project management, consulting and engineering, construction and maintenance.

Regarding the project management, consulting and engineering of electricity grid projects, we are responsible for construction and maintenance projects, either short-term or lasting several years.

Based on the job, we appoint a project manager who is always experienced and trained, as well as capable of taking the needs and wishes of the various stakeholders into account. The project manager is responsible for managing the project in accordance with the bid and budget, which includes keeping the customer and stakeholders well-informed.

Building electricity grids requires a range of construction expertise, from electrical to civil engineering, component deliveries, civil works, assembly and erection of steel structures, installation of primary and secondary components, as well as testing and commissioning of the plant. Through electricity grid and energy infrastructure renovation, it is possible to upgrade and improve the productivity and reliability of a plant or network.

With maintenance and service contracts, we provide long-term warranties for grid or plant reliability.

In Finland, our subsidiary TMV Service is responsible for such services as engineering, construction and maintenance of distribution network and 110–400 kV substations, as well as renewable energy. TMV Line specializes in constructing and modernizing 110 kV power lines.

TMV Power offers services in constructing and renewing distribution network and 110-330 kV substations in Estonia.

To request an offer for electricity grid services, please contact:

Kim Tahkoniemi, kim.tahkoniemi@tmvoima.fi, +358 45 7731 2540

Jarkko Nevalainen, jarkko.nevalainen@tmvoima.fi  , +358 50 5274 623

Jukka Roponen, jukka.roponen@tmvservice.fi, +358 45 7731 2542

Arvi Kupri, arvi.kupri@tmvpower.ee, +372 5123 911