TMV Line Oy is fresh, Jarkko Nevalainen has been appointed President and CEO of TMV Line Oy as of November 1, 2021.


Jarkko Nevalainen, M.Sc., has been appointed CEO of TMV Line Oy as of November 1, 2021. Jarkko Nevalainen has extensive experience in the transmission line and electricity network business. Previously, Jarkko has held positions in bid calculation, sales, procurement and project management. The goal is for the company's management to be close to doing, to develop working methods, HSEQ operations and staff skills. TMV Line Oy strives to maintain market share and maintain profitability at a good level.

The CEO of TMV Line Oy cooperates with the Management Team, which also includes Jani Rintala, Toma Karkkulainen, Janne Lallukka, Mikko Piili and Santtu Sinisalo. The task of the management team is to ensure that customer projects proceed as agreed, that the personnel have the necessary skills and resources, that cooperation with partners works seamlessly and that HSEQ matters are handled as agreed at all construction sites every day.

Kim Tahkoniemi will continue as CEO of other TMV Group companies and will serve as Chairman of the Board of TMV Line Oy.


More information Jarkko Nevalainen CEO of TMV Line Oy +358 50 5274 623

Kim Tahkoniemi Chairman of the Board of TMV Line Oy +358 45 7731 2540