TMV Line Oy acquires Vattenfall Service Finland Oy's electrical grid contracting business


TMV Line Oy acquires Vattenfall Service Finland Oy's electrical grid contracting business


Ylivieska-based TMV Line Oy has acquired Vattenfall Service Finland Oy's electrical grid contracting business as a part of a business transaction. In the transaction, ten people and the transmission line construction equipment will be transferred to TMV as of August the 3rd 2020. After the transaction TMV will be employing more than 50 employees and the company’s turnover will be more than 20 million euros during the year of 2020.


The newly acquired entity will strengthen TMV companies’ ability to offer 110-400 kV transmission line projects. The acquisition sets up an excellent foundation for the company to speed up the completion of its projects as well as increases the company’s ability to deliver larger entities.


TMV's goal is to develop its service offer, for it to also cover the construction services of 400 kV electricity networks in the future. This acquisition strengthens the company’s resources in all the areas of transmission line construction. In terms of energy production and energy transmission, a significant change can be seen in the future: the transmission capacity of the regional and grid network will be even more important, as production is becoming more decentralized and experiencing larger rapid fluctuations.


TMV has been developing its regional and grid construction services in accordance with its customers’ quality requirements and needs since the year of 2015. The company's current order backlog for transmission line work is € 25 million and the customer satisfaction of the delivered entities has been at a high level. We will be continuing to invest in staff development and in specialized machinery, which will ensure our projects’ quality in accordance with our customers' goals. In addition to working as a project management organization, we wish to stand out with our skilled and enthusiastic staff and our specialized expertise.


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