TMV Green Oü started developing wind power projects in Estonia.


The TMV Group is investigating the development of wind power projects in Estonia. The aim is to find 5-10  development areas. First projects permitting will be start in 2021. There will be new development company TMV Green  Oü for wind development. Jaanus Kivirand, Laura Sulev and Kim Tahkoniemi have been appointed to TMV Green Oü's  Management Team. The development work uses TMV Group's employees in Finland and Estonia, as well as local consultants.  In Estonia, the TMV Group employs approximately 20 people. In Finland, the TMV Group has been responsible for developing the projects together with OX2, a Swedish company. In Estonia, TMV aims to participate in the development of projects, the construction of infrastructure networks and the ownership of production companies.

 More info on:

Kim Tahkoniemi CEO TM Voima Oy Group                              +358 4577 3125 40
Jaanus Kivirand Development Director TMV Green Oü        +372 5345 9304