Hirvineva wind farm studies begin


TM Voima Oy has made preliminary studies regarding the suitability of the Hirvikangas area for wind power production. The area is situated five kilometers north of Ylivieska Säilynperä. In the preliminary studies, sites of natural, cultural and historical interest close to the area, as well as the location and use of existing real estate, have been examined.  A maximum of nine wind turbines is being planned for the area. Lease agreements have been made, and the preliminary project idea has been presented to the town of Ylivieska. In developing the project area, the aim is to increase the distance to the land of surrounding neighbors so that the effects caused by the wind power would be smaller. According to TM Voima’s studies, the wind levels in Kalajokilaakso are good for developing wind power. In the next stage, the project will be presented to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and wind measurements will begin.

Additional information: Olli Malkamäki