Fingrid has ordered the renovation of one of Finland's most important 400/110 substations in Rauma from TMV companies


Fingrid has ordered Rauma 400/110/20 kV substation renovation TMV companyiFrom the 1990s. Delivery includes 400 kV and 20 kV renewals of main circuit equipment, replacing the existing 110 kV outdoor switching system with 110 kV GIS instrumentation, 110 kV cabling and the renewal of protection and automation systems.  Additionally, delivery includes installation, testing and commissioning and documentation.  The value of the order is approximately EUR 22 million and the project will be completed in 2025.

Rauma substation is one of the most important substations in finland's electricity system, the station has 1200 MW of border transmission connections to Sweden (FennoSkan 1 and FennoSkan 2) and is also important for the electricity supply of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plants and for electricity users in the Rauma region.

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