EPCM project management order for TM Voima Service


TM Voima Service is operating as a project management consultant in a wind power project in Kytölä, Alavieska. There will be six power plants in the wind farm.

In addition to the turbines, the wind farm project consists of building and maintenance roads between the turbiness, as well as the substation, from which the electric power is transmitted to the 110 kV electric grid. The electric power from the wind turbines is transmitted via underground cables.

In 2015, TM Voima Service delivers the following packages:

  • monitoring the delivery of a110/33 kV substation
  • monitoring the building of a 33 kV cable network
  • monitoring the building of roads and lifting bases
  • monitoring the building of wind turbine foundations
  • monitoring the delivery of wind turbines
  • monitoring the raising of the wind turbines
  • monitoring the commissioning of the wind farm.

Kytölä wind park is constructed by Kytölän Tuulipuisto Ky (Taaleritehtaan Pääomarahastot Oy).

The main contractor is NCC Rakennus Oy. The wind turbiness are delivered by Vestas Finland Oy.

The project will be finished by the end of 2015 and the total investment of the project will be 35 million euros.

Additional information:

Pauli Maaninka
Development manager, wind power
Taaleritehtaan Pääomarahastot Oy

Jukka Roponen
Project Manager
TMV Service Oy